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ZXY’s products exhibit on Shanghai International Bearing Industry Exhibition

Author:襄阳轴承   Date:2016-9-26 8:11:31  Clicks:8606

Sep 20, the opening day of Shanghai International BearingIndustry Exhibition, the main company of Chinese bearing industry join thispageant, and show their enterprise image and enterprise strength. As the leadof Chinese bearing industry, Xiangyang automobile bearing Co. LTD shows thetheir new vital image. Considering the nowadays and future requirement ofChinese bearing industry, and according to the international strategy ofpropagation, ZXY exhibit their characteristic and advanced products to the public.On the exhibition ZXY and PBF take part in it together, and let client andcompetitor know the international ZXY, and high speed developed ZXY.

At same time, the 8th full assembly of ChinaBearing Industry Association was held at Shanghai, ZXY purchasing KFLT became ahigh light point for this assembly. Also, the chairman of ZXY Gao Shaobing wasvoted to be the new vice president of China Bearing Industry Association.

By the chance of this exhibition, company organizes theemployer of each department to the exhibition to study, and learn the newtechnology, new theory and new equipment.