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Science and Technology Innovation Conference in 2016

Author:襄阳轴承   Date:2016-4-22 9:42:50  Clicks:4476

Scienceand Technology Innovation Conference was held in conference room of officebuilding. Our chairman Mr. Gao Shaobing delivered the important report: scientificand technological advance will decide ZXY’s future, we must take pulse oftechnology, only in this way would we walk in the time frontier, would we seizeopportunities in market, would we create more profits. Menbers of ZXYleadership Mr. Zhang Lei, Mrs Jia Mengfei, Mr. Wang Guanbing, Mr. Chen Huajun,Mr. Yuan Zhan, Mr. Yan Weiguo attend the conference. All the middle-levelcadres, committee of technical experts, staff of R&D center, chiefs of eachdepartment, project manager of research projects winning awards attendconference.

Thevice general manager Mr. Zhang Lei announced Reward and evaluationresults of science and technology projects. Deputy Secretary ofthe Party committee, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, MrsJia Mengfei announced the appointment of the company's senior engineer, thevice general manager Mr. Yan Weiguo gave working report of work summary ofscience and technology in 12th Five-Year and prospect of work in 2016. The top management awarded the honorary certificates and prizes for the winners.